A little bit about us

We constantly explore new ideas to turn them into new technologies that improve our world and design the future one. We invest in research and development to provide sustainable and competitive solutions. Wherever defence and security are needed:  land, sea, sky, Space and cyberspace.

Integrating the technological excellence of our laboratories and the highly specialised know how of our technicians and engineers, we work to make the world a safer place, protect people, the environment, networks and information, contribute to scientific research and to the diffusion of a solid technological culture.

Why We Love What We Do

Something great happens when we focus on what we do, and love it. We discover the hidden treasury and change for the better. When we love what we do, we use our own unique strengths to do it well. Some people don’t achieve their dreams, only because they fail to discover the treasury hidden in them, and explore the potential they have. The key question is how could we discover this hidden treas

Most of us do more what we don’t love; and do less what we love. Some of us are paid for what we don’t love, and love what we are not paid for. We could close the gaps if we find the intersection point between what we do well, what we do more, what we love more, and what we are paid for. This leads to the discovery of our purpose on this world, which is considered as the hidden treasury as long as it is not known. If we love what we do, we should know these three things:

1 Our work takes a large part of our life. 2 Making money never comes before we love our job. 3 Health and self awareness of our team for a healthy environment.


Wehrhahn Aerospace is a private company founded in 2017 by CEO and President Michael Wehrhahn. The company has headquarters in New Jersey and Washington ; with a Satellite development facility in Sangre de Cristo Mountains, New Mexico. Wehrhahn Aerospace has supplier’s in all 50 states.  See our Wehrhahn Aerospace Supplier/Contractor Policy and our policy on trademarks, copyrights and other IP.